Get the job done effectively with our well maintained equipment that is operated by trained professionals.

Front Loader

Easily move aside or load materials such as dirt, gravel, logs raw material into or onto another type of machinery. We offer different types front loaders depending on your needs or application.

Tipper truck

Transport loose material such as gravel, sand or demolition waste for construction. They come in a variety of configurations each designed to complete a specific task.


You can use excavators in many ways including digging of trenches or holes, handle material, forest work, etc. They come in different sizes for different scales of works.


Graders are used for creating flat surfaces and dirt grading operations. Our graders can operate multiple attachments and they are designed for many specialized tasks.


Due to its small size and versatility, TLB's are common in urban engineering and other construction projects such as building a house or fixing urban roads.

Water truck

Distribute fresh water in emergency situations where the normal system of piped distribution has broken down or is insufficient.